Work sample: Engineers Australia ‘Bioengineering’

Create magazine, for members of Engineers Australia, asked THE HARD WORD for a feature story on some of Australia’s great innovations in bioengineering. We spoke with industry leaders and provided a piece of editorial that made their engineers proud - see below.

Australian bioengineering inspirations, from the pacemaker to the bionic eye

Australia’s innovative engineers have played a major role in developing the world’s biomedical capabilities.

There is something very special and personally satisfying, said Dr Ali Almasi, about working in a field that is directly responsible for improving the quality of life for individuals.

Graduating as an electrical engineer, then earning a Master of Science in biomedical engineering, Almasi now specialises in neural engineering at the National Vision Research Institute. 

What exactly does he do? That’s simple: he’s working to perfect the bionic eye.


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