Smoke on the water - September 2016

Professional writer - Chris Sheedy
Qantas Spirit of Australia magazine

"Then & Now - Eden Palace au Lac"
400 words

As the Montreux Casino burned to the ground in 1971, this lake-edge hotel had a front-row view of smoke on the water and fire in the sky.

Brexit and Australian business - September 2016

Freelance professional business writer - Chris Sheedy
CA Today
Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland

"Could the UK get a deal down under?"
600 words

How might a new trade deal look between Australia and the UK once Britain leaves the EU? We asked experts for their point of view. READ FULL STORY

The global business guru - August 2016

Freelance business writer - Chris Sheedy
In The Black magazine
CPA Australia

"Why global business demands international experience"
600 words

An appreciation of different business cultures and the value of lifelong learning have helped shape the diverse career of Gordon Naylor CPA, President of Seqirus. READ STORY

An environment for innovation - August 2016

Freelance journalist - Chris Sheedy
Business Think
UNSW Australia Business School

"How innovative behaviour needs a framework to thrive"
1200 words

A new global study explains how employees need structure to be inventive, but also need space to think outside the box. So what does it all mean? READ FULL STORY

Telling a charity's story - August 2016

THE HARD WORD is a very proud supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities. For five years we have offered our professional skills to the charity.

One annual project is the partnership with Pacific Magazines. Using pages kindly donated by Pacific Magazines, in major newsstand titles such as New Idea and That's Life, we tell the touching and often heartbreaking stories of the work done by the charity. Here is one example of such a page.

Freelance professional writer - Chris Sheedy

The age of soft skills - July 2016

Freelance business writer - Chris Sheedy
Insights & Resources

"Why candidates with soft skills are in such demand"
800 words

Technical skills and knowledge are essential for a business to do its job well, but organisations are finally realising that soft skills drive performance. READ FULL STORY

What is a reasonable pay rise? - July 2016

Freelance professional writer: Chris Sheedy
Insights & Resources

"What's a pay rise worth?"
800 words

According to new SEEK research, just over one in three Australians expect a boost in pay this year. What ever happened to regular pay rises and bonuses? READ FULL STORY

Ageism alive and well in Australian workforce - July 2016

Freelance professional writer: Chris Sheedy
HR Monthly
Australian Human Resources Institute

"No country for old men (or women)"
1900 words

Ageism in workplaces and in the recruitment process has transformed from a minor issue into a fundamental problem for the Australian economy. Is it time for HR to take the lead? READ ONLINE VERSION


Sensory marketing: Colour, texture, crunch... - June 2016

Business Think
UNSW Australia School of Business

"How the colour of food alters perceptions of texture"

Professional writer: Chris Sheedy
1200 words

The manufactured and reassuringly solid clunk of a closing car door is an example of sensory marketing. It is a sound that makes us feel the entire car is safer and better built. Then there is the deep and lustrous scent of chocolate or coffee that pervades various cafes and chocolate stores, even when few of their products actually give off such an aroma. The smell of leather in luxury car showrooms, the scratchy sound when writing with a Sharpie pen, the obviously heavier and darker glass bottles of high-end red wine – they’re all examples of sensory marketing at work. 

Synaesthesia, or the production of an impression on one sense by the stimulation of another, has long been researched by neuroscientists, its results translated into a powerful marketing tool. Those with something to sell are becoming better at utilising it. READ FULL STORY

How to do online marketing - June 2016

Australia Post

"5 ways to market your business"

Freelance business writer: Chris Sheedy
600 words

Email marketing. Google AdWords. Remarketing. Social media marketing. Direct mail. They can all be powerful marketing methods in their own right. But develop a deeper understanding and use each for specific purposes during your online marketing campaigns and you’ll discover the true power of promotion. READ FULL STORY