Hitting terrorists where it hurts

Freelance writer: Chris Sheedy
CA Today
Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland

"Fintel Alliance targeting financial crime in Australia"
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A powerful new alliance based in Australia will make life very difficult for terrorists and financial criminals.

The world of crime has undergone major changes over the last decade and in some cases those responsible for protecting law and order have had a difficult time keeping up. However, most major crimes such as terrorism, money laundering, organised crime etc., have one thing in common and therefore one shared weak spot – they all need to fund their crimes and/or hide the income produced by their wrongdoings. CLICK FOR FULL STORY

Pre-sell for Royal Easter Show

Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
RAS Times
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

"SRES flies high!"
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The first date Murray Wilton ever went on was to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It was a long time ago, during his teenage years, but he still has vivid memories of a superb day of adventure and fun. “I had my hair sprayed all different colours and then it poured with rain,” Wilton, now General Manager of Agriculture and Sydney Royal Easter Show at RAS NSW, recalls. “We then went on the roller coaster and I ended up covered in colour, from head to toe.” CLICK IMAGES FOR FULL STORY

A new direction for accounting

Freelance writer: Chris Sheedy
CA Today
Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland

"From gaming to diversity: The recruitment shake-up in Australian accounting"
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The recruitment shake-up in the Australian accounting world has been a long time coming. Here we look into the changes, and what they could mean for the future of the industry. READ FULL STORY

Innovating in a traditional industry

Corporate writer: Chris Sheedy
Insights & Resources

"What does HR innovation look like?"
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We are at a tipping point right now, HR experts say. The industry as we know it could become irrelevant and be replaced by staff and managers taking control and creating the culture and business they want and need. Or the industry could instead increasingly show its true colours by becoming integral to organisational strategy, to business goals and to staff needs. How do we achieve this? Success is all about innovation. READ FULL STORY

Workaholism: Good, bad and ugly

Freelance business writer: Chris Sheedy
Business Think
UNSW Australia Business School

"What motivates workaholism and should it be avoided?"
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A new study reveals why some people are prone to work too much. READ MORE

Career adventure: Volunteering

Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
HR Monthly
Australian Human Resources Institute

"Hands & Minds"
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Volunteers with HR skills are in demand overseas, from Nepal to Myanmar. Chris Sheedy spoke to professionals who have found that sharing their knowledge brings huge rewards.

Julia Ferragamo describes the 12 months of leave-without-pay that she took from her job at Mercer as “completely life-changing”. In May 2013 the HR professional decided to put her Australian career – which involved general HR consulting as well as organisational design, leadership and performance management projects – on hold, and took off to work in Kathmandu, Nepal. TO READ MORE, CLICK IMAGES.

Top 10 Australian business risks

Professional writer: Chris Sheedy
CA Today
Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland

"The 10 biggest risks for Australian business in 2017"
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From cyber attacks to changing legislation, Chris Sheedy looks at the top risks facing Australian businesses this year.

During the week that this story was written, electricity authorities took the extraordinary step of shutting off power to 90,000 homes and businesses in South Australia during a heatwave of over 40 degrees. The reasoning was that there was insufficient energy being generated to cope with demand. The result was hundreds of thousands of hot and angry South Australians. It highlighted, for the business owners affected by the blackout, one of the many risks they face that are completely out of their control. READ FULL STORY

Financial crime-fighting heavyweight

Freelance business writer: Chris Sheedy
In The Black
CPA Australia

"The new Fintel Alliance: Top lawmakers unite to fight financial crime"
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Australia’s AUSTRAC is leading a formidable global charge against organised crime, terrorism, money laundering and tax evasion through the newly created Fintel Alliance. Chief executive Paul Jevtovic tells INTHEBLACK about its priorities...

Future focused learning

Freelance professional writer: Chris Sheedy
Create magazine
Engineers Australia

"Smart Learning"
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‘Design-based learning’, ‘problem-centred learning’, ‘project-oriented learning’ - call it what you like. There are several names for the future-focused revolution going on within the engineering education field...

Clicks & bricks: the ultimate mix

Freelance business writer: Chris Sheedy
In The Black magazine
CPA Australia

"Let’s get phygital: How successful retailers blend clicks and bricks"
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Online retailers were once expected to destroy their bricks and mortar cousins. Instead, the two worlds have merged, and that has created a challenge for both.

For many years the bricks and mortar (physical) retail world was seen as the old guard, the quaint shops of yesteryear set to be mercilessly swept away by the trendier, faster moving and more efficient e-commerce start-ups. The current shape of the retail market, however, makes it clear that this is not the case.