"I commissioned Chris to interview key members of my academic staff so that our annual research report would have a distinctive and fresh style, instead of looking like a laundry list of worthy but dull achievements. The results are beyond my expectations. Chris has brought our research outcomes to life and has given us a valuable tool to profile our School, engage our stakeholders and recruit new research students."
Professor David Lovell, Head of School, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of New South Wales at The Australian Defence Force Academy

"Chris brings his A-game to every brief, delivering exciting, engaging and wonderfully clean copy to deadline. A talented writer, he is able to turn his keyboard to any topic, filing standout results that are uniquely Sheedy-esque."
Isaac Wilson - Editor, Lexus magazine

"Chris provides concise, interesting and accurate copy, on time, every time. If there were more freelancers like him, we’d have a significantly higher standard of magazine journalism in Australia. Unfortunately, there are not."
Todd Cole - Founder & Executive Editor, Odysseus Publishing

"We engaged Chris to write advertorials on our (New Idea, Better Homes & Gardens and That's Life!) behalf for Ronald McDonald House Charities. I have known Chris for many years and know what a talented writer he is and how diverse he is capable of being. I have enjoyed reading Chris's articles in many publications and have seen him turn his hand to writing for everything from in-flight publications to youth titles.
Finding the writer we needed was never going to be an easy task – able to write for mass selling women's publications on highly emotive and sensitive subjects and to interview families in extreme distress in some cases, whilst dealing with a highly bureaucratic system of approvals on one hand and the exacting nature of the publications he is writing for on another.
We couldn't do what we do without Chris. His ability to get families to share their stories with us is unprecedented and his lovely turn of phrase have been proven (through research) to generate the emotions and actions we are looking for from our readers.
I can't recommend Chris highly enough."
Kylie Gibson - Group Sales Director: Mass, Youth and Parenting, Pacific Magazines

"Chris Sheedy is one of the best operators I have ever worked with. I have commissioned Chris on numerous magazine projects over the past decade and he has always gone above and beyond to ensure the best possible result. Dealing with Chris is an absolute pleasure as he naturally possesses the type of personality and attitude that makes one's work life even more enjoyable. He respects the craft that he offers, taking the time to understand the requirements, engaging with all stakeholders in a respectful and professional manner. I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Julia Keady - Managing Editor, Edge Custom Media / CEO, Australian Women Donors Network

"Over five years of freelancing for FOXTEL Box Office, Chris has honed to an art form the exacting discipline of writing engaging marketing and listings synopses that must conform to absurdly short character lengths. His ability with a turn of phrase is matched only by his friendliness and responsiveness – I haven’t found the deadline yet that is too short for Chris!"
James Bridges - Head of Programming, On Demand & FOXTEL Box Office

"IMPACT Communications regularly works with Chris Sheedy to undertake media training for our clients. Chris has proven himself to be well-versed in all aspects of media relations. He provides insightful advice on how the media operates and how to successfully undertake interviews. One of Chris’s strengths is his likeable, collaborative and positive manner. This ensures that clients feel comfortable and overcome their nerves to gain the most from their media training experience. I would strongly recommend Chris to any company seeking advice on how to improve the interview skills of their staff and executives."
Allison Lee, Director - Business & Strategy, IMPACT Communications