Brexit and Australia: what's next? - Dec 2016

Business writer - Chris Sheedy
CA Today
Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland

"Brexit: What's next for Australia?"
900 words

Some questions are simply too complex for a yes or no answer. READ full story.

Managing passion in business - November 2016

Freelance professional writer - Chris Sheedy
Business Think
UNSW Australia Business School

"Why passion for an organisation is integral to success"
1200 words

Imagine if all your customers were as passionate as fans of a major-league soccer team? How wonderful it would be if they chanted and sang about your brand, if they proudly wore your colours and did everything in their power to ensure the success of your business. READ full story.

Your business: approaching investors - Oct 2016

Freelance business writer - Chris Sheedy
SecurePay Insights magazine

"Funding your business. part 1: Investors"
600 words

When you’re looking for investors, knowing how and when to pitch, and who to pitch to, makes all the difference. CLICK to read full story.

The disappearing business tax cuts - October 2016

Business journalist - Chris Sheedy
CA Today
Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland

"Australia's tax cut plans in tatters"
600 words

The Coalition’s planned corporate tax cuts have been scuppered by an independent powerbroker, reports Chris Sheedy. READ full story.