New angle on change management - March 2016

Business Think
UNSW Australia Business School / AGSM

"When the sins of old changes come back to haunt"

Professional writer: Chris Sheedy
1200 words

Management needs to admit to past mistakes to regain employee trust and rebuild commitment.

It's a business world truism that change is a constant – the rate of market and business transformation is ever-increasing and organisations unwilling to constantly modify themselves are sitting ducks.

The role of the management team, therefore, is very much one of change manager. It sets future strategy, agrees on goals, then goes into the organisation to make those goals a reality. This can often involve asking staff to join them on a process of change. 

But what if such a process was managed ineffectively in the past, if the last change program left certain individuals or members of specific departments with a bad taste in their mouths?

What if the last program resulted in no real change at all or, even worse, violated the organisation's psychological contract with particular teams or staff members? READ MORE