How to make HR processes work - Sept 2015

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"All together: How to make HR processes really work"

Professional writer: Chris Sheedy
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When the work of an organisation's HR team becomes clear and distinctive for staff within that business, it is usually a result of two specific things, says Rhonda Brighton-Hall, a director on the board of the Australian Human Resources Institute.

The first is that the business has a CEO and senior team that actually understand the HR function, and moreover they appreciate why people are important to the business.

The second is that the HR director and their team are acting courageously. In other words, they are balancing their role as employee advocates with the wellbeing of the organisation and the success of its strategy. READ FULL STORY

An Atticus moment: Creating strong characters

As we prepare to welcome our first writing students to The Hard Word Writing School, here are some thoughts about character development in a work of fiction.
Recently my husband faced a moral dilemma. It involved our son’s Under-9 soccer team and it wasn’t life or death, but it affected my husband greatly. When he related the incident to me and described his conflict, I let him in on a secret. When I’m faced with similar predicaments, I always ask myself the same question. What would Atticus Finch do? Once I have the answer, I act accordingly.

Harper Lee’s fifty-something father from her novel To Kill a Mockingbird has become the yardstick for parents and people all around the world. There aren’t many characters in literature who are as upright, ethical, balanced and believable as Atticus Finch. Lee’s achievement is remarkable. Few authors have ever been able to create a such a perfectly drawn character. But there is a crucial first step all writers must take when building strong characters.

Good Cop, Good Cop - August 2015

HR Monthly
Australian Human Resources Institute

"Force Majeure"

Freelance writer: Chris Sheedy
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How do you manage the development, wellbeing and behaviour of 6500 law enforcement officers spread here and around the globe? Shane Connelly, Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner and HR head, spoke to Chris Sheedy. READ EDITED VERSION

A powerful partnership - August 2015

In The Black magazine
CPA Australia

"My boss and me: A neat fit"

Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
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Paul Bakker is a big-picture guy and Ben Antram thrives on detail. At work (and at lunch) they're a powerful team.