Setting business strategy amidst rapid change - October 2014

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"How to set strategy in the face of rapid change"
Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
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Too often, goal setting within an organisation is anchored in the past...
Recently, a client requested a meeting with Andrew Pellow, a partner with Deloitte Consulting. The client’s company was growing 15% year-on-year and experiencing an enviable level of market penetration. The management team had steered the business into the perfect position. So why did they need help?

“I told them I thought their business was very successful and that I had great faith in their management team, so why were they calling me?” Pellow says. 

“Then they told me the problem – they were able to forecast two years into the future and realised their customer base was going to begin to decline. ​They had a problem and they knew exactly what it was. ​That is the perfect starting point for the setting of strategies and goals – with a clearly understood problem."    READ FULL STORY