Setting business strategy amidst rapid change - October 2014

Business Think
UNSW Australia - AGSM

"How to set strategy in the face of rapid change"
Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
1200 words

Too often, goal setting within an organisation is anchored in the past...
Recently, a client requested a meeting with Andrew Pellow, a partner with Deloitte Consulting. The client’s company was growing 15% year-on-year and experiencing an enviable level of market penetration. The management team had steered the business into the perfect position. So why did they need help?

“I told them I thought their business was very successful and that I had great faith in their management team, so why were they calling me?” Pellow says. 

“Then they told me the problem – they were able to forecast two years into the future and realised their customer base was going to begin to decline. ​They had a problem and they knew exactly what it was. ​That is the perfect starting point for the setting of strategies and goals – with a clearly understood problem."    READ FULL STORY

The gamification of business - October 2014

In The Black magazine
CPA Australia

"Gamers find the lost spark"
Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
1500 words
Video game designers and psychologists have long recognised the incredible engagement and motivation that a well designed game can encourage. Now business is taking those lessons and gamifying the workplace.  READ FULL STORY

Making a business partnership work - Sept 2014

In The Black magazine
CPA Australia

"It takes two to tango to make a business partnership work"
Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
2000 words

Larry and Sergey. Jobs and Woz. Hewlett and Packard. Procter and Gamble. Ben and Jerry. Some of the world’s most successful businesses were built by partners. But what does it take to make it work?

Although he and his late business partner built what is now the world’s biggest salad retail chain, SumoSalad founder Luke Baylis would never recommend that aspiring entrepreneurs follow his lead.

The partnership and friendship he shared with SumoSalad co-founder James Miller, who died at age 38 in January last year, was an extremely close one based on trust and respect, so the two never felt a need to put any legal or other agreements in place. FOR FULL STORY CLICK HERE

Australia's obsession with WWI - September 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald / The Canberra Times

"A peculiar obsession"
Freelance writer: Chris Sheedy
1500 words
It has been argued by experts both locally and internationally that Australians share a peculiar obsession with World War I and particularly, of course, with Gallipoli. Anzac Day, some say, has become our national day. Rather than a day that commemorates terrible events and the great number of people that died, it has instead taken on an inviolable air of holiness. It has become a sacred day and one from which we, as a nation, have borrowed more than a little of our identity.