Busting the Anzac myth - June 2014

Uniken magazine
University of New South Wales

"Busting the Anzac myth"
Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
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Has a national obsession hijacked centenary commemorations of the Great War? Chris Sheedy and Steve Offner report.
At a recent conference in the United States, UNSW Canberra military historian Professor Jeffrey Grey found himself at a roundtable discussion in the company of some of the world’s most respected Great War scholars.
As they discussed the centenary of World War I and the commemorations that will begin rolling out on 28 July this year, the panel Chair noted “Australia is without doubt the most aggressive of the centenary commemorators”, Grey recalls.
He was immediately struck by the comment.
“I said to her afterwards that I thought ‘aggressive’ was exactly the right word. We Australians have taken the opportunity of the centenary and are spending something in the vicinity of half a billion dollars on the commemoration,” he says. READ MORE