Politics is bad for the health - October 2013

Publication: Bite magazine

"Rich Kids / Poor Kids"
Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy / THE HARD WORD
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Changes to included Medicare item numbers in the Grow Up Smiling rules are likely to cause more problems than solutions, dental specialists say. We asked the Department of Health and Ageing what they were thinking. 
New regulations announced for the Grow Up Smiling child dental benefits schedule have been accused by some thought leaders in the dental field of being a step backwards. It’s a turning back of time, they say, from a system that was leaning towards supporting preventive dentistry to one that virtually enforces invasive treatment and serious future oral health issues onto lower income families...

HR challenge: migrant professionals - Oct 2013

Publication: Knowledge @ Australian School of Business

"Are we squandering the skills of migrant professionals?"
Professional writer: Chris Sheedy / THE HARD WORD
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Australian School of Business lecturer Kyoung-Hee Yu notes that accountancy has seen a greater migrant intake than any other profession in Australia. And her research suggests that migrant accountants bring a stronger sense of professional identity to their work than local colleagues. But, all too often, migrants have negative workplace experiences. “They become disappointed and disenchanted because it is less likely that they are matched with appropriate jobs and given independent tasks or access to managerial positions,” Yu says. So what can be done to prevent this waste of potential?

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