Restaurant & chef profile - July 2013

Publication: Restaurant & Catering
Restaurant & Catering Australia

"Rock the Kazbah"
Freelance writer: Chris Sheedy / THE HARD WORD
Editor: Rob Johnson
1500 words

The Kazbah Group is in a period of frantic growth both nationally and internationally. But thanks to the infrastructure he put in place long ago, director/owner Zahi Azzi is not feeling the heat. Azzi has just returned from China where he inked a deal that will see his Kazbah empire open a new restaurant in Hong Kong by the beginning of 2015, and likely a few more soon after that in mainland China and Macau. This will add to the already impressive count of three Kazbah restaurants and two Mezbah restaurants in Sydney which, by the end of this year, will expand by another two locations. But for a man who is already managing five restaurants and overseeing the opening of three more on two continents, Azzi is surprisingly composed. He wasn’t always this way...

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When customers get angry - July 2013

Publication: In The Black
CPA Australia

"Stop their pain becoming your pain"
Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy / THE HARD WORD
Editor: Deborah Tarrant
1200 words

Customers whose complaints are ignored can seriously damage a business if they become enraged.

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