Managing for maximum productivity - August 2012

Publication: Knowledge @ Australian School of Business

"The Rise of the Compassionate Leader: Should You Be Cruel to Be Kind?"
Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
Editor: Deborah Tarrant
1300 words

Research shows that the trait of compassion in managers and leaders is linked to an organisation's profitability and productivity. However, the important distinction between "compassion" and "kindness" needs to be understood, insists author and leadership expert Geoff Aigner. Leaders demonstrate compassion by taking an honest interest in the positive growth of employees and themselves – and this includes having difficult conversations to ensure development stays on track. On its own, kindness can be short-term and may be counter-productive – a thought-provoking notion for Australian managers who like to be mates with their staff.

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The Hard Word's Chris Sheedy was thrilled to see his feature story flagged as recommended reading by Kevin Evers of Harvard Business Review. See here: