Tips for SME owners - February 2012

Chris Sheedy from THE HARD WORD has been commissioned to write an ongoing series of highly informative business stories for Business Lounge, Australia Post's new web magazine targeting small to medium businesses.

The site is a fascinating read for anybody in business, from one-man bands to managers of departments within major organisations, as it explains detailed ideas in a simple language and demystifies usually complicated topics such as web marketing, customer data measurement, online retail issues and customer profiling.

Here are a few of his stories:

Data Measurement For Customer Retention
Going Global: Logistics & Supply Chain Management Essentials
How To Attract & Retain Customers

Natural therapy's rough ride - February 2012

Wellplan magazine
Australian Unity

"Natural Progression"
Freelance journalist: Chris Sheedy
Editor: Becky Wilson
1000 words

Alternative therapies have not always enjoyed a smooth ride across the landscape of Western medicine but, finally, several have earned their place as respected practices with some mainstream health practitioners.

UNSW Research Report - January 2012

School of Humanities & Social Sciences
University of New South Wales @ Australian Defence Force Academy

Freelance professional writer: Chris Sheedy

THE HARD WORD's Chris Sheedy was thrilled to be offered the challenge of writing the entire editorial content for the Research Report magazine for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences within UNSW@ADFA. This included numerous interviews with leading military academics and historians within the School, which is globally recognised as one of the finest military history academies in the world.

"I commissioned Chris to interview key members of my academic staff so that our annual research report would have a distinctive and fresh style, instead of looking like a laundry list of worthy but dull achievements," says Professor David Lovell, Head of School. "The results are beyond my expectations. Chris has brought our research outcomes to life and has given us a valuable tool to profile our School, engage our stakeholders and recruit new research students."