Journalism vs PR ... or not

Here's a blog I was asked to write by Louise Convy at Convy Media Relations. The topic was 'What I love and loathe about PR professionals'. Click through at the end for the full piece...

Can I Call A PR Person A Tool?
Blogger: Chris Sheedy

I’m a journalist and I love PR people. There, I said it.

PR people are a part of my team, so much so that I wouldn’t be able to do the work that I do, or make the living that I do as a successful freelance writer, if they didn’t exist. It is so terribly predictable and dull to read about journalists and PR people not getting along, being at odds with each other’s goals, not understanding each other’s roles. But guess what? Journalists like to think they don’t get along with anyone – advertisers, marketers, sub-editors, legals, agents, publicists – you name it, journos hate them.

But the journalists who are not constantly complaining about the shortcomings of those around them are actually busy producing great content. One of the most powerful tools in their tool belt is the PR person.

We all know how it feels to ring a business to set up an interview only to be frozen out of that business once the receptionist hears the word ‘journalist’. The media frightens the uninitiated. When non-media people hear the word ‘journalist’ they think of Today Tonight. They think of A Current Affair. They think of Rupert Murdoch and phone tapping and Wendi Deng’s awesome right hook. And they run a mile.    Read more

Dealing with social media risk – November 2011

GRC Professional

"Removing The Risk From Social Media"
Freelance business writer: Chris Sheedy
Editor: Roslyn Atkinson
1700 words

Social media has fast moved from an outlier to a business essential, but it’s not without risk for corporates. How then, does a business exploit the medium’s massive opportunities and at the same time manage its potential risks?

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