How to blog for business - August 2011

Knowledge @ Australian School of Business

”The Top Rule for Hot Bloggers: Hold the Hype”
Freelance business writer: Chris Sheedy
Editor: Deborah Tarrant
1800 words

To blog or not to blog? For professionals and companies intent on high profiles, blogging has become vital in the social media mix. Smart bloggers constantly show thought leadership, share expertise and insights and effectively strike up conversations, and they understand how to roll with punches of public scrutiny. The rewards of open two-way communication with staff and customers far outweigh the risks, they say. Conversely, bad bloggers are fearful, sporadic and hype themselves or their products in a medium keenly sensitised to blog-flog. Newcomers to the blogosphere must know the rules, because the next question is: Can you afford not to blog?

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