Call in the commandos – May 2011

Lexus Magazine

“Getting ‘Em Out Alive”
By: Chris Sheedy
1500 words


When CRM turns bad – May 2011

Knowledge @ Australian School of Business

“Customer Relationship Management: A Dangerous Walk on the Dark Side”
By: Chris Sheedy
1700 words

Oddly enough, these days customer relationship management (CRM) may be more about serving the organisation than keeping paying customers satisfied. Short-term thinking has prompted some mobile phone companies, banks, credit card companies and health clubs, among others, to design CRM strategies to fill their coffers. It's a dangerous approach that's not only likely to stop 'em coming back for more, but may have much more widespread consequences. Adrian Payne, a marketing professor at the Australian School of Business, warns that 21st century customers have ways of getting their own back.

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Alcohol and health – May 2011

Men’s Fitness magazine

“Do You Drink Too Much?”
By: Chris Sheedy
2300 words


Leadership and narcissism – April 2011

Knowledge @ Australian School of Business

“Effective Leadership: What’s Wrong With Narcissism?
By: Chris Sheedy
2100 words

Many of the world's great leaders are narcissists. Self-belief, ambition and energy drive their pioneering creative spirits and often this has a positive effect on business. Why is narcissism such a dirty word, then? Because its flipside can be collateral damage as it impacts on staff, and promotes risky, illegal or immoral behaviour and greed. An egotistical leader may suffer as well, as he or she loses a sense of self. Psychologists say the root cause of the disorder is found in childhood. Coincidentally, even Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, was a case in point. How can the advantages of narcissism be harnessed and the destructive consequences avoided?

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The story of sake – March 2011

Lexus Magazine

“Sake Awakening”
By: Chris Sheedy
1600 words


Leadership and stress – March 2011

Knowledge @ Australian School of Business

"High Anxiety: What’s Driving Executive Stress?"
By: Chris Sheedy
1400 words

Calling the boss crazy – while unlikely to be a career-enhancing move – may be disturbingly close to the truth. New research into the emotional state of executives reveals they suffer far higher levels of mental instability than the general population. Largely to blame are the demands of high-stress roles that preclude corporate high fliers and professionals from being themselves. The upshot may be over-aggressive and other types of dysfunctional behaviour. News of the incidence of "toxic" bosses is now prompting questions about the abilities of executive coaches and leadership interventions for supporting senior staff when their behaviour has gone awry.

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Willpower for fitness – March 2011

Men‘s Fitness magazine

“Master Your Willpower”
By: Chris Sheedy
1600 words


We have lift-off

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